Small Business Owners Ready To RetireBuying A Business

When buying a business, it is important to engage an accountant to subjectively assess the business at the beginning of the process, rather than just prior to signing the lease. Too often we see people so emotionally committed to purchasing a business, their judgement can be impaired and they make emotional decisions rather than business decisions.

When working with business purchasers, Bottom Line Control look to consider whether the business is right for the buyer, and also whether the buyer is right for the business. Are they the right person to run a business? Why are they buying the business? Where will the business take them? There are many things to consider beyond the numbers!

Selling A Business

Most business owners have the intention to one day sell their business. We work with the business owners to determine what they need to do to achieve this outcome with maximise returns.

There are many factors that make one business more valuable or easier to sell than another, such as net profit and how it was achieved when considering staffing, location, industries, competitors, product ranges and the big one – how much involvement is required by the owner!

Bottom Line Control take our clients through all of these factors, step-by-step, prior to selling the business to make sure they are rewarded with the greatest gain for their hard work.